Is it an illusion?

It’s an art.

Art of the heart, a connection of souls that only a true heart sees.

A beauty seen beyond what the eyes can comprehend.

It’s love, it’s peace, honesty, loyalty and above all, it’s a commitment.


A commitment of one’s self to your significant other without looking over your shoulder of fear of being caught with another.


It’s the tenderness in the touch without touching him/her.

The feeling of delight when you look into his/her eyes.

Far apart, disconnected by distance but still connected for when your far and beyond my heart feels your presence around me.

But still,

Our souls are disconnected


It’s lust, it’s fantasy!

We lack peace.

Dishonesty !

You are not loyal, not committed.

Only touch to feel…

No satisfaction…

And separated by Distance.

I finally woke up from the dream.

Realized that “Disney” had been feeding me with lies.

I will not find my beloved along the river banks.

Not even a slight chance that when I give it a kiss he will transform from a frog to my prince.

Not a chance that I will loose my glass slipper at mid night and my prince charming will come in search of me.He will be my knight and shinning armour.

It was all a lie

An illusion

It was all an illusion.


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