She was just a girl

She loved life,had a joyous nature and knew nothing else about what society termed as beautiful.

To her, she was her father’s princess.Mummy’s little girl

Then society corrupted her mind

Ooh your too fat, what do you eat?

Ooh wow, are you sure you don’t finish food for the rest of the family ?

What big arms do you have, do you find your clothes sizes?

Hahaha….Ooh what big is your skirt you have on.

Hahhaha look at her, she is so big let her have both the “chairs…”

Society corrupted her beautiful innocent mind.

She no longer felt beautiful, she no longer felt like a princess.Her father’s princess, mummy’s little

She never look in a mirror because society called her ugly, monkey, fatso.

She hid pain behind her smile.

She could no longer be among her ‘friends’ for she was the “DUFF”

“DUFF” Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Society made her think so little about herself.

She no longer had self worth, cried herself to bed each night till her tears went dry.

Trapped in her own body with chains waiting to break free from captivity

She then heard a little voice whispered into her ear,’you are beautiful baby.’

Looked into the mirror and said yes am beautiful!!!

She’s unstoppable, embraced those curves, showed off her beautiful marks of struggle.

She no longer feared the outside world, the name tags nor let herself be defined by he what ‘they’ thought was beautiful.

She was just a girl that gave herself a second chance to love herself!

She was just a girl! !!!


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